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Buying City to Country Life


Congratulations on your decision to buy a home!  Whether it’s your first or last, you’ve likely asked yourself this important question…”How much home can I afford?”.  I’m here to help you every step of the way, but to answer that questions depends on a number of factors.


Location: Are you looking at a specific area?  Is it downtown or in the country?


Your Income:There is a lot of financial dependance when buying a home.  You will most likely have a mortgage payment to make and beyond that there are property taxes, utilities and depending on where you live, other fees (such as condo fees).  


Style of Home: Are you looking for a detached home? A semi detached, duplex or townhouse?  Acreage?  A new home or a resale?


House Market:Is it a seller’s market, a buyer’s market or balanced? 


Part of your decision can be accomplished by being pre-approved for a mortgage.  You can do this by meeting with your bank or mortgage broker.


Plan ahead and let a sales representative help you, purchasing a home can be easy!


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